A wide range of handmade artistic objects designed to delicately highlight the mystery of marriage. With a fresh aesthetic approach and references to tradition they can be adjusted and customized.

ceramic plates with couple design

Drawing its inspiration from the Cypriot medieval glazed ceramics plates, offered as wedding gifts to the high society wedding at the time, these hand painted plates….

ceramic plates with birds design

This series of ceramic plates are decorated with the delicate form of flying birds, especially of pigeons and doves,  which have been from ancient times the symbol of unity and loyalty.

large ceramic wall plates with couple design

A  series of large ceramic plates (30cm) for wall mounting are inspired by the Cypriot Medieval byzantine glazed wedding bowls given as a wedding present to the couple. They depict the couple merged becoming one flesh according to the Gospel’s words ( Matthew 19:5 ) using the traditional sgraffito technique on red terracotta clay coated with white color slip in a more contemporary and minimal approach.