Our research in the aesthetic and technique of icon painting, from the early Christian examples from mount Sinai and Rome, the wide variety of examples from the medieval Greek Byzantine and Russian traditions, as well as the study of examples from contemporary icon painters, supported by our theoretical background of the dogmatic of the icon, leads us towards a fresh approach in how to design and paint an icon within a contemporary context .

Unlike the typically sterile and stereotyped approach of a mere copying of older examples of icons, we promote a creative and spiritually expressive approach in icon painting which can find its place within the traditional painting system of icons and at the same time respond to the challenges of contemporary art.

The workshop based in Limassol, Cyprus is led by painter and art theorist Manolis Hadjimanolis (BA Fine Art – MA Visual Culture).

from shadow to light – work in progress

ink on wood – work in progress

our workshop in action

icon painting workshops for adults and children at Potocki, Gałkowo, Poland in August 2016

erasmus internship 2016

 with Italian artist Serena Raggi