A lively, educational and interactive experience introducing the participants into the arts & crafts, with reference to the Cypriot cultural heritage. Starting with a demonstration on instrument making and playing live the traditional string instruments of lute and lyra. Followed by a demonstration of making the traditional egg tempera paints, explaining the dogmatic of byzantine art and painting live the face of an icon. Finally a demonstration on the history and the techniques of Cypriot ceramics from the Bronze Age to the Medieval Glazed Ceramics until today, with the possibility of the participants trying out their skills with clay building techniques.

From January 2016 diatehnon arts & culture is included in the Limassol Walking Tour organized by Limassol Municipality and the Cyprus Tourism Organization. Every Monday we offer to the visiting group presentations and demonstrations inspired by the Cypriot cultural heritage.

Instrument making

A demonstration explaining the basic principles of sound production and revealing the techniques and secrets of traditional instrument building. From Pythagoras’ monochord to the traditional lute and other string instruments such as the guitar, lyra, the bouzouki and the mandolin.

Egg tempera paints

A demonstration of the making of the traditional ‘egg tempera paints’ from, using egg, vinegar and natural pigments, in the same way as they were made and used in antiquity. From ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the middles ages and Renaissance.

What makes an Icon?

An exciting short lecture with a contemporary approach explaining through visual examples from ancient, medieval and modern art, the dogmatic of the icon, showcasing the fundamental differences between other forms of portraiture and religious paintings, finishing with a live painting of the face of an icon, using the traditional byzantine technique.

Ceramic techniques and history

A visual presentation of the development of the ceramic arts showing various examples of pots. Along with a demonstration of the various techniques and methods of pottery making, from the Bronze Age and the Medieval Glazed Ceramics until today, giving the opportunity to the participants to try out these techniques.

Potter’s wheel demonstration

An exciting demonstration of pot making on the spinning potter’s wheel. The making of a pot within a few minutes from our professional ceramist.

Live traditional music

A demonstration of the traditional string instruments such as the lute, lyra and bouzouki, highlighting the different voices and playing techniques. The various rhythms, as well as the sensitive melodies of beautiful traditional songs, with their pastoral and courtly feeling will touch the hearts and encourage participation.

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