Our ceramics workshop in Limassol, Cyprus, is offering private and group workshops under the guidance of professional ceramist Ewelina Birut-Hadjimanolis (BA + MA Ceramic Art & Design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw). Our classes are designed for both beginners and advanced with a flexible timetable focusing on the following:

slab building / coil building / pinching / potter’s wheel / glazing / decoration with engobes and oxides / enameling with gold

The aim of the workshop is to encourage the participants, working under the guidelines of well designed lesson plans and at the same time focusing on a personal approach for each and every one, to create their own homeware such as plates, cups, bowls, tea – pots, as well as any other type of decorative or artistic objects.

The need for engaging with handcrafts seems to be more and more in demand in our times, as a positive reaction against industrilized products, consumerism and sedentary lifestyle. Through the course of this workshop, we focus on the awakening of the creative impulse and at the same time the development of skills, to achieve a creative and positive state of mind within a calm and homely environment.

our students work

flat pink glaze plate

espresso cup & saucer

tripod bowl with rose

yellow glaze teapot

pink flaming jug

sky blue cup & saucer

green teapot

blue bowl

hexagonal bowl and jewellery beads

pinching with stoneware clay

white glaze

gold enameling

bowl on potter’s wheel

bowl on potter’s wheel

turquoise glaze / gold enamel

red clay with white and turquoise glazes

green glaze

coil building plate

white glaze with blue dots

pink glazed pigs

red clay coasters decorated with engobes

blue on white teapot

teapot project before firing

teapot with carved decorations

rounded teapot

various bowls

ceramic boats

various mugs

various cups

workshops with schools

Lanitio Gymnasium – Λανίτειο Γυμνάσιο

Pareklisia Primary School – Δημοτικό Παρεκκλησιάς

Meniko Kindergarden – Νηπιαγωγείο Μένοικου

Mazotos Primary School – Δημοτικό Σχολείο Μαζωτού

Mazotos Primary School – Δημοτικό Σχολείο Μαζωτού

Pascal Private School Limassol – Ιδιωτική Σχολή Πασκάλ Λεμεσού

our workhop in action

decorating with copper oxide

working on the potter’s wheel

finishing details

cup making with coils

painting with blue engobe


teapot in progress

packing the kiln

mold production

our ceramic workhop