A contemporary approach on icon painting focusing on the ‘likeness and presence’ of the depicted within the spirit of our times. In its fundamental difference between other types of portraiture the icon ‘invests the anthropomorphic figure with a meaning that its visibility cannot support; the idea of the invisible and the incomprehensible.’

Continuously exploring the virtues of the icon painting system as they had been expressed through the ages and being aware of their deep influence in modern and avant guard art (ie Malevich, Rodchenko, Kandisky, Matisse, Shagal), we are looking to produce contemporary icons that can vigorously assert the spiritual values and visual strength of this tradition.

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our collection

Christ Pantocrator – Manolis Hadjimanolis

Panagia Hodegetria – Manolis Hadjimanolis

The Man of Sorrow – Manolis Hadjimanolis

Saint Nikolas – Manolis Hadjimanolis

Mandylion – Ewelina Birut Hadjimanolis

The Man of Sorrow – Ewelina Birut Hadjimanolis

minimal monochromes

ink on wood – Manolis Hadjimanolis

lino cut prints – Manolis Hadjimanolis

ink on wood – Manolis Hadjimanolis

ink on wood

white engobe on red clay

ink on wood