Our creative activities are inspired from the rich cultural heritage of Cyprus, from the Bronze age until today. With a fresh and contemporary approach we use these traditional creative methods and techniques to design innovative activities for personal development and team building. The main focus of these activities is the awakening of the creative impulse and the challenging process of finding multiple approaches and creative solutions, as well as the discovering of new routes through experimentation.

Through the artistic practice, the dynamic of collaboration within groups and the aesthetic pleasure, the purpose of our activities is the shaping of a better balanced self in relation to the constant changes and challenges of our times.

Make Your Own Ceramic Mug

Spend a few hours in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere in a wonderful high ceiling listed building, in the morning, afternoon or evening, and enjoy the creative experience of making your own mug or bowl under the guidance of our professional ceramist. Suitable for adults, children, groups of friends, tourist groups, companies, corporations and anyone looking for a creative activity in  the historical center of Limassol, Cyprus. Enjoy your creative time along with coffee, herbal tea, refreshments in the morning / afternoon and the option for wine and healthy snacks in the evening.


In this activity the participants will be making their own bronze age pot based on the archaeological examples, using local clay from Cyprus where the oldest Bronze Age industrial area in the Mediterranean was discovered. Under the guidance of our experienced ceramists and within a positive and inspiring atmosphere the participants will learn the secrets of the ancient techniques of ceramic making developing their skills, awakening their creative impulse and feeling the freedom of experimentation with the remaking of ancient Cypriot ceramic pots from the Bronze Age period. The produced pots will later on be fired in he kiln and given to the participants to take home as their own handmade souvenirs.


Making and decorating Cypriot Bronze Age ceramic pots

Mosaic making with ceramic / recycled materials

Following the mosaic technique as it was established by the masters in the Graeco-Roman and  Byzantine traditions, the participants will make their own mosaics inspired by a variety of examples, using either ceramic or recycled material tesserae. Through this exciting activity which requires precision and patience they will develop the ability to visually analyze complex shapes and a deeper understanding of the inner qualities of line and shape.

The dramatic experience of making the face alive through the contrast of light and shade is the core of this workshop. The gradual transition from darkness to light gently reveals the structure and volumes of the face, slowly bringing life into it. Under the step by step guidance of the icon painters, based on the dogmatic and technique of byzantine icon painting as established through the centuries, the participants will sharpen their visual perception and develop their ability to understand the characteristics, the expressions and proportions of the face. Furthermore, experimentation through colour can allow for a more personal and expressionist approach.

From shadow to light

Mirroring the soul

The face is the mirror of the soul and the painter’s eye is trained to capture the psychological state of a person as it is expressed on the face. Whether it is sadness, happiness, humbleness or arrogance, confidence or uncertainty it cannot be hidden from the eye of a master. Having as a reference the painting examples of portraits from the hellenistic times, medieval, renaissance and modern art, the participants will learn how to draw and paint a variety of portraits of themselves and their colleagues. The result of the visual analysis and depiction of the characteristics and expressions of the face will develop self awareness and help build emotional intelligence in order to recognize the psychological state in ourselves and in others around us.

Under the guidance of our professional luthier the participants can have the choice of building instruments from wood or experimental instruments from recycled materials, enjoying the exiting feeling of transforming simple materials into sounding instruments. Throughout this experience they will develop a practical understanding of the basic mechanical and acoustical principles governing sound production, with the step by step building of their own instrument, as well as to sharpen their imagination and grow their intuition through the making of original instruments from recycled materials.

Making your own instrument

Feel the rhythm

Following the musicians – leaders of the workshop, the participants using simple and easy to play instruments will accompany, letting themselves to be carried within the dynamic of the music. Traditional songs, created and performed within the community, where everyone was encouraged to take part, with their simple memorable melodies and imposing rhythm patterns, are ideal to create the musical basis and the atmosphere for the participants to feel the therapeutic energy of music. This workshop can help to develop sound sensitivity, the ability for interaction and tuning into a group and the awaking up of the inner intuition for rhythm and melody.