Useful ceramic objects such as plates, bowls, cups, tea pots etc as well as decorative, with a sensitive and minimal design made with high technical knowledge. Beautiful and intimate objects that become part of our daily appreciation towards the simple things in life. Everything made with high quality clay, including porcelain, in various colors and textures and fired in high temperatures to endure.

A series of objects are inspired by the Cypriot Cultural heritage and especially the Bronze Age and Medieval Periods, with a contemporary approach on the techniques of sgraffito and oxide painting.

porcelain – white and colour

stoneware – various glazes

A contemporary approach to medieval glazed ceramics

Black clay ceramics

bowl in natural form glazed in and raw out

pomegranates for home decor with gold enamel

hand pinched plate with face inscribed on white coating with the sgraffito technique

pots for flowers

red clay pithos with white and green engobes

stoneware clay pot with dark glaze

unglazed stoneware vase

unglazed porcelain vase

collaboration project with chefs (Food Think Tank)

‘Earth and Water’